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Updates on COVID-19

UPDATED: 4/6/23- Social Distancing Protocol at Frederick Cat Vet

Masks will be highly recommended but will no longer be required to enter our clinic.

UPDATED: 2/13/23- Social Distancing Protocol at Frederick Cat Vet

Our doors are unlocked- come on in!
**Masks are still required**

We will still be offering curbside services and appointments at client discretion. See directions below for our curbside protocol.

Clients Using Curbside

1. Call us at 301-898-4009 when you arrive at our clinic.

2. A staff member will take your carrier at drop-off zone next to the orange traffic cone at the edge of our porch.

3. You must remain on the premises for the duration of your cat's appointment.

4. The doctor will call to discuss their findings, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

5. Once payment is made over the phone, a staff member will bring your carrier back to the drop-off zone.

For Curbside Product Order Pick-up:

1. Call or email the office to place an order. For prescriptions, please allow up to 24 hours for doctor approval.

2. Payment can be made over the phone by credit card either at the time of order or when you arrive at our office.

3. If you choose to pay before you arrive, your order will be waiting for you under our front porch on our shelving system.

4. If you choose to wait until your arrival for payment, your order will be placed on our shelving system under our front

porch as soon as payment is made.

Update: Welcoming Clients Back for Appointments!

Posted: 05/28/21

Dear Clients,

Thank you for all of your patience and understanding during this trying time. Your support has been terrific!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be inviting clients back into our office for appointments starting June 1st! We are very excited to see all the faces we have missed, or at least part of everyone's face, as face masks will still be required to enter our building. But at least, we are able to take a step in the right direction towards reopening as normal. We have established a new social distancing protocol to keep everyone safe while in our building. For those who have enjoyed the quiet time in their cars to catch up on reading, social media etc we welcome you to choose the curbside option.

Our doors will remain locked, so when you arrive for your appointment please call us. Once we have a room available, a masked staff member will meet you. We ask you to be wearing your mask at the time of this greeting. We will then offer hand sanitizer, and escort you to your exam room. The doctor will then enter the room, examine your cat, and answer any questions or concerns you have. When the appointment is finished you will be asked to see our receptionist for check out. Once payment is complete, the receptionist will escort you out of the building, locking the door behind you. We are limiting entry to 2 clients per exam room.

To pick up medication and food, we will continue to use our pick-up shelf. Payments for pick-up items will be made over the phone. All dental and surgical procedures will continue to be curbside only. We are slowly, but surely moving in the direction towards reopening as normal.

Unfortunately, the Cat's Pajamas boarding facility will be closed for the foreseeable future.

Again, thank you for your continuing support and trust with your feline family!

The Staff at Frederick Cat Vet

Update: Return of Preventative Maintenance Care

Posted: 05/08/20

Dear Clients,

Thank you for all of your patience and understanding during this trying time. Your support has been terrific!

We are happy to announce that we have received approval through the Maryland State Board of Veterinary Examiners to resume wellness and elective procedures in accordance with CDC guidelines. Our protocol as a drive-in-only clinic remains the same, with only staff members entering the building.

We will be resuming spay/neuter surgery, dentistry, wellness and progress exams, vaccinations and other small treatments and procedures.

However, the Cat's Pajamas Bed & Breakfast will be closed for boarding until further notice.

Again, thank you for your ongoing support!

The Staff of Frederick Cat Vet

COVID-19 & Cat's Update

Posted: 4/23/20

Dear Clients,

A few days ago a report emerged regarding two cats in New York City that have tested positive for COVID-19. We have a few details and conclusions to share with you. There are still unknowns about possible sources of exposure for one of the cats, but we do know that both cats were displaying mild respiratory signs and are expected to make a full recovery.

From this report we can conclude that there is more evidence that COVID-19 can infect domestic cats but the reported clinical signs are mild. To date there have no reports of a cat infecting a human. That being said, the CDC recommendations regarding social distancing with pets in the face of human infection have not changed.

Click here to see the CDC's recommendations.

We also wanted to address the new commercial COVID-19 test that has been released by IDEXX, a veterinary-only lab. The test will be available through veterinarians but only if we get Maryland state approval and these criteria have been met:

1) The cat is living in a household with a human who has COVID-19 or has tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 (the novel coronavirus).

2) The cat has already been tested for more common infections, which a veterinarian has ruled out.

3) The cat is showing clinical signs consistent with COVID-19.

On our end we continue to offer drive-in service for essential appointments and telemedicine when possible . If you have concerns about your cat please don't hesitate to call.


Michael Karg, DVM
Lisa Wolkind, DVM

COVID-19 & Cat's Update

Posted: 4/6/20

More reports are emerging about felines acquiring COVID-19, including the April 5th report of a tiger at the Bronx Zoo testing positive. Research from China (too new for peer review and publication) found cat-to-cat transmission in a lab. There are no reports of feline-to-human transmission. As of today, veterinary testing remains limited to universities and other research labs. Dr. J. Scott Weese, a veterinarian the University of Guelph in Toronto, maintains a blog with timely and succinct updates on this unfolding concern:

Click here to view Dr. Weese's blog

Maryland State Board of Veterinary Examiners Definition of Essential Services

Dear Clients,

In light of Governor Hogan's recent stay-at-home order, the Maryland State Board of Veterinary Examiners has decided to limit practices on which veterinary services are considered essential. We will still be here whenever our patients need us most, but as of today, we are required to postpone all routine or elective surgical procedures until further notice.

Examples of non-essential services include: wellness exams, routine vaccines (except Rabies and Lepto), routine heartworm tests for animals with a history of prevention and testing, routine spay/neuter surgeries, routine dentals (not expecting extractions), routine senior bloodwork, reproduction cases (breeding, etc), stable, chronic cases that are due for a recheck. (For instance, rechecking an ultrasound or echo, neuro recheck exam, orthopedic exam, dermatology condition, ophthalmic recheck, etc.), most rehabilitation appointments, routine grooming procedures and nail trims.

Again, if your cat is in medical need we are here! We will do everything we can to keep everyone updated and safe while this state of emergency remains in place.


The Staff of Frederick Cat Vet

Last updated on 04/03/2020

Governor's Announcement from 3/30/2020

Dear Clients,

Governor Hogan's latest COVID-19 directive on March 30, 2020 has raised concerns about whether you can still visit us. We will remain open under the strict drive-in protocol we've been using the past two weeks.

The eight-page directive states that providing and receiving services and goods for pets is essential:

Order of The Governor of The State of Maryland

b. As used herein, "Essential Activities" means:

i. Obtaining necessary supplies or services for one's self, family, household members, pets, or livestock, including, without limitation: groceries, supplies for household consumption or use, supplies and equipment needed to work from home, laundry, and products needed to maintain safety, sanitation, and essential maintenance of the home or residence;

ii. Engaging in activities essential for the health and safety of one's self, family, household members, pets, or livestock, including such things as seeking medical or behavior health or emergency services, and obtaining medication or medical supplies;

iii. Caring for a family member, friend, pet, or livestock in another household or location, including, without limitation, transporting a family member, friend, pet, or livestock animal for essential health and safety activities, and to obtain necessary supplies and services;

Our homepage at www.frederickcatvet.com has our updates about whether this novel coronavirus may be affecting cats.


All of us at Frederick Cat Vet

COVID- 19 & Cats

Here is new information about the novel coronavirus in a cat in Belgium. Please take note that recommendations have not changed. The AVMA and CDC are recommending that if a person is infected with COVID-19 they should treat their pets with the same caution and respect they would another human. We don't recommend that anyone relinquish their pets as there is zero evidence they are a risk to us. During this pandemic, we need them more than ever.

You may wonder if we can test your cat. The short answer is no. At this point there is no test available for veterinary clinics but we will keep watching for new developments.

Click here to read the full article on the COVID-19 positive Belgium cat.

News emerged on March 4th of a weak positive test in a dog in Hong Kong.

Click here to read the full article on the COVID-19 positive dog in Hong Kong.

The dog had two subsequent positive tests, but never showed symptoms. The dog was tested because the owner had the disease, but no other positive tests have emerged in the city. Hong Kong's efforts at controlling this disease have ranked high in the world, so their vigilance is encouraging.

The Portland Press Herald reported on March 13th that IDEXX (our primary laboratory) have created a COVID-19 test for cats and dogs. In creating that test, they have thousands of negative tests.

Click here to read more about IDEXX's study.

We don't have information on how they selected these animals for testing, or when that test would be made available to us.

Both the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and the CDC are recommending those with COVID-19 avoid close interactions with their pets.

Click here for the AVMA recommendations.

We're monitoring the news daily, and we're lucky to be part of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN). VIN, an online global community of 60,000 veterinarians, is a constant stream of news and conversation.

Maryland includes veterinary practices as essential services because of the role we play in community health, including protection against rabies and intestinal parasites. We thank you for your patience with our "drive-in" only service and remain diligent in our efforts to avoid contagion.

Michael Karg, DVM
Lisa Wolkind, DVM
Last updated on 03/29/2020